In der Aufbereitung

Charlie Chaplin – concerts with music „live”, also in educational version, in cooperation with Photoplay productions London (from June 2012), 17 musicians
“Ecology” – commissioned music, orchestra 30 musicians (first concerts November 2012)
Planned: “Modern Art” in cooperation with Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (fall 2012)

“Space”, commissioned music, with cooperation of the Puppet Theatre in Wroclaw
“Animals in Music”; in preparation *
“Romeo and Juliet” (for teenagers), Valentine’s Day*
“Scary stories”, before Halloween *
“Indians”, demonstration of extended percussion *
Peter and the Wolf”, with animated film *
“Märchenbilder”, music of Korngold
Cinderella, new commission, opera for children, in preparation
Bruckner, VI symphony, with film (for adults only) *


* - already performed in a different language version



  • "Mr. Wisniewski ... demonstrated excellent professional qualities! This is a very talented conductor with a passionate expression and clear gestures... Best reviews from the orchestra members and big sympathies from all management staff"

    Elena Kalinovská, ICM Concert Agency

  • "direction inspired and engaged"

    Pizzicato Magazine

  • "following in the tradition of Serge Koussevitsky and Zubin Mehta, both great double bass instrumentalists, Dariusz shows enormous potential for a truly distinguished career in music"

    Prof. Ezra Laderman, Dean, Yale University, School of Music

  • "shows a deep understanding of music and a perfect understanding of instrumental problems and possibilities"

    Patrick Baton, Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liege

  • "very professional, experienced and talented", "demonstrating a complete grasp of the challenges he faces and successfully executing them" 

    Kerry Turner, composer, hornist of the American Horn Quartet, Virtuoso Horn Duo

  • ..a musician and artist of great sensitivity and accomplishment", "highly gifted conductor whose spirited and intelligent musicianship allied with a profound understanding of orchestras and musical style"

    Bramwell Tovey, Music Director, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

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